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Leaf-inspired nanocellulose frameworks for next generation photosynthetic cell-factories


Contact: tekla.tammelin@vtt.fi


Overarching goal: We develop a nanocellulose-based solid-state photosynthetic bioproduction platform for efficient biological carbon capture and sustainable production of chemicals.

Technology class: Solar energy conversion using biological components and biobased materials

Feedstock: Photosynthetic cells and nanocellulose

Product(s): monomers, hydrogen, ethylene, active pharmaceutical ingredients

Sustainability criteria: Use of renewable sources without interfering food supplies, biobased materials and biotechnological pathways, reduced water and energy consumption with increased chemicals production efficiency

Novelty/Unique Selling point: We use several inherent features of nanocellulose-based immobilisation matrix to improve cell viability, cell lifetime and their production efficiency.

Bottlenecks tackled: Improved mechanical stability of matrix also in challenging production conditions, water intensity as compared to suspension cultures reduced, restricted cell growth directs the energy towards targeted chemicals production

Starting TRL: 1 / End TRL: 3

Timeline: 1.9.2020 - 31.8.2023

Funding type received: Funded by the Horizon 2020 Framework Programme of the European Union funding for Research and Innovation (RIA) - Future and Emerging Technologies FET. Grant Agreement No. 899576