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Overarching goal: Providing sustainable, CO2 neutral & affordable e-fuels & e-products for everyone

Technology class: Electrochemical conversion

Feedstock: green H2 / CO2 (industrial/biogenic source and/or Direct Air Capture

Product(s): Synthetic fuels: FT-crude / FT-Diesel / FT-Wax

Sustainability criteria: Use of desalinated water and exclusively green hydrogen from renewable energy

Novelty/Unique Selling point: We prioritize a numbering-up strategy to scale-up our technology and support the serial production to allow the quick ramp-up of affordable sustainable e-fuels for the aviation, shipping and automotive sectors.

Starting TRL: 6 / End TRL: 8

Timeline: 2 years (May 2021-April 2023)

Funding type received: EIC Accelerator (H2020, Grant Agreement No. 970564)