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A solution for the hard to abate transport sector


Contact: gaetan.deckers@engie.com


Overarching goal: Providing a solution for sectors that can’t decarbonize on the short & medium term.

Technology class: Electrochemical conversion

Feedstock: Water, CO2 and electricity

Product(s): SAF (eKerosene), eDiesel, eNaphta, oxygen, heat (all products are carbon neutral)

Sustainability criteria: waste or salinated water use

Novelty/Unique Selling point:

- Size (incl. technology & integration)

- Re-use of existing infrastructure & molecules

- New business model

Benchmark to existing approaches;

- Economies of scale

- Unlimited feedstock (if electricity is available)

- Easy expedition of end products

- Move fast

Bottlenecks tackled:

- Electrical connection

- Availability of renewable assets

- Alignment with EU regulation (delegated acts)

- Price electricity

Starting TRL: 7&8 /
End TRL: 8&9

Timeline: COD in 2027

Funding type received: France - ADEME