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Soap Film based Artificial Photosynthesis


Contact: Indraneel.sen@kemi.uu.se


Overarching goal: We have a potentially scalable device solution for production of Solar Fuels and industry feedstock (Green H2, Carbon based fuels from CO2 and water) using Artificial Photosynthesis.

Technology class: Photo(electro)chemical

Feedstock: CO2, Water.

Product(s): Green H2, CO.

Sustainability criteria: No use of critical raw materials

Novelty/Unique Selling point: We use Soap Bubbles as photocatalytic reactors. They can be easily and economically generated and scaled.

Bottlenecks tackled: We have synthesized surfactant (soap) grade molecular photocatalysts. We have validated our concept design by demonstrating stable dissymmetric soap film membrane. We are in the process of optimizing and fabricating our designed proof of concept design

Starting TRL: 1 / End TRL: 4

Timeline: Project Start- 1st January 2019. Project End- 30th June 2023.

Funding type received: H2020 FET Open. EU contribution € 3 205 280. Grant Agreement No. 828838