24 April 2020

In our 3 minute video you can learn more about our initiative and how we are continuing our commitment for reaching a large scale European initiative based in a circular economy enabled by the conversion and storage of renewable energy into fossil free fuels and chemicals.

The video features four of our experts that explain where we come from and the way forward. These are their names by order of appearance:

Bert Weckhuysen, Prof. Inorganic Chemistry and Catalysis, Utrecht University, SUNERGY Coordinator

Joanna Kargul, Head of the Solar Fuels Laboratory, University of Warsaw, Member of the SUNERGY Executive Board

Frédéric Chandezon, Head of the SyMMES Joint Laboratory (CEA-CNRS-UGA), CEA Grenoble, SUNERGY Deputy Coordinator

Maximilian Fleischer, Chief Key Expert, Siemens Energy, Chair SUNERGY Industrial Board.