SUNERGY | Community


Our community is growing

The SUNERGY initiative is possible thanks to the support of a variety of institutions. SUNERGY is an open community and new supporters are always welcome. Therefore we are thrilled to welcome 10 new supporters in the last three months: 
-    CO2 Value Europe (BE)
-    Austrian Centre of Industrial Biotechnology (AT)
-    Biological Research Centre (BRC), Institute of Plant Biology (HU)
-    University of Twente (NL)
-    Everest Coatings (NL)
-    Photanol (NL)
-    StoRIES (project coordinated by Karlsruhe Institute of Technology) (DE)
-    ICFO (Institute of Photonic Sciences) (ES)
-    ArcelorMittal (BE)
-    Solvay (FR)

Our last  support letter campaign brought us around 95 letters from our supporters along ~100 k€ monetary contribution. We thank our community for standing behind the initiative and giving us a hand in our work towards the goals of SUNERGY. If you are interested in becoming a SUNERGY supporter or if you would like to invite someone to become a SUNERGY supporter, please visit this webpage for more information and a support letter template: 

Please reach out to SUNERGY via if you would like a support letter for your project. We will need information about the call, an abstract and a description of the consortium to decide if the project is aligned with SUNERGY’s goals.