SUNERGY | Organisation


SUNERGY | Our Team

Bert Weckhuysen

(Utrecht University)

SUNERGY Coordinator

Executive Board

Frédéric Chandezon


Deputy Coordinator

Executive Board

Jens K. Nørskov


Executive Board

Huub de Groot

(Leiden University)

Executive Board

Joanna Kargul

(University of Warsaw)

Executive Board

Gabriele Centi

(University of Messina, ERIC)

Executive Board

Robert Schlögl

(Max Planck Institute for Chemical Energy Conversion)

Executive Board

Ann Magnuson

(Uppsala University)

Executive Board

Maximilian Fleischer

(Chief Expert Energy,

Siemens Energy)

Executive Board and

Chair Industrial Board


Marie Godard-Pithon

(Performance and

Investments Director,


Industrial Board

Christoph Gürtler

(Head of Catalysis &

Technology Incubation,


Industrial Board

Alexander van der Made

(Chief Scientist,

Shell Global Solutions)

Industrial Board

Anastasios Perimenis

(Secretary General,

CO2 Value Europe)

Industrial Board

Philippe Jacques

(Managing Director,


Industrial Board

Jan Mertens

(Chief Scientific

Officer R&D)

      &   Carina Faber

(Research Engineer)

Poul Georg Moses

(Director Exploratory

R&D,Haldor Topsøe)

Industrial Board

Alexis Bazzanella

(Head Research &

Project Coordination,


Industrial Board

Eric De Coninck

(General Manager

Group CTO, 

Arcelor Mittal)

Industrial Board


Industrial Board

Stars and Mountain Silhouette Wide Prese

Linda Veldhuizen

(Utrecht University)


Programme Coordinator

Kathrine Bjeregaard Nielsen


Coordination Office

Martina Radli

(Utrecht University)

Coordination Office

Anna M. Banet


Coordination Office

Elena Guarneri


Coordination Office

Contact us for more information regarding the different activity areas:

  Activity                                   Responsible                            Support staff
    Area                                     Board Member                        (Contact point)
Advocacy                                  Gabriele Centi                           Elena Guarneri
                                                Frédéric Chandezon
  Funding                                  Gabriele Centi                            Lars Brückner
 Opportunities                       Frédéric Chandezon
Communication                         Joanna Kargul                            Anna M. Banet
                                                     Huub de Groot
Strategic                                     Joanna Kargul                           Linda Veldhuizen
 R&I Agenda                                  Carina Faber                            Kathrine Nielsen