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Outcomes SUNERGY online event Sweden, 20 April

Opportunities for Sweden to contribute to the SUNERGY vision of fossil-free fuels and chemicals

On 20 April 60+ participants joined the SUNERGY online event for Sweden. A dedicated meeting for Sweden that was organized in the run-up to the upcoming calls of the 2021-2022 Horizon Europe work programme and the SUNERGY – CO2 Value Europe joint brokerage event.


The meeting was opened by Ann Magnuson (Uppsala University and SUNERGY executive board member). She welcomed participants and introduced them to the SUNERGY vision of enabling a fossil-free Europe through research and innovation. Ann emphasized the important role that Sweden could play in this with its strong profile in renewable energy R&D.


Thomas Schleker (EC, DG Research and Innovation) introduced participants to the Green Deal, Horizon Europe and Mission Innovation 5 (Converting Sunlight). He highlighted calls in the upcoming work programme of Horizon Europe that could be of interest to participants and shared insights from Mission Innovation 5:

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Lars Guldbrand (Ministry of Infrastructure, Division of Energy) shared his perspective on innovation for solar fuels and chemicals. He pointed out that unfortunately too often quick wins and safe best are preferred over the required bold and high risk funding. He proposes to develop collective pathways to stimulate more than just incremental change.


Oleg Pajalic (Perstorp AB) shared the perspective and objectives of Perstorp. Using examples from several projects they are involved in Oleg showed various options to reduce and reuse emissions from chemical companies, and to use e.g. CO2 in production processes over time.


Max Fleischer (Siemens Energy) presented the path Siemens Energy foresees for the next ten years and beyond towards a decarbonized energy world. He shared various routes and technologies that would enable this since no universal technology route is visible today (Electrochemistry, Photocatalysis, SynBio).

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Carina Faber from Engie shared her perspective on fossil-free fuels and chemicals, and the role of innovation. She emphasized that the role of collaborative initiatives is crucial and highlighted that SUNERGY’s unique strength is that it combines innovation on near term technologies and disruptive concepts, all with a holistic focus. 


An interesting Q&A based on audience questions led to an interactive panel discussion on topics such as citizen involvement, direct air capture, future markets for e-fuels and solar fuels, the role of biomass etc. The session ended with some closing remarks by the organizers, Ann Magnuson and Leif Hammarström.


The workshop organizers would like to thank all speakers and participants for joining and for their active participation. For more events, news and opportunities, please keep an eye on the SUNERGY website and social media channels (ResearchGate | LinkedIn | Twitter | Instagram), send us your support letter and sign up to our newsletter.


Thank you!