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SUNERGY National Workshops

SUNERGY National Workshops

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Kick-off Meeting

27&28 September 2022

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Opportunities for Sweden to contribute to the SUNERGY vision of fossil-free fuels and chemicals

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SUNERGY French Stakeholders Meeting: Opportunities for France to Contribute to Fossil-free Fuels&Chemicals


Fossil-free fuels and chemicals: Strengthening scientific and technological developments in Poland

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Fossil-free fuels and chemicals: Strengthening scientific & technological developments in the Netherlands

SUNERGY Industrial Webinars

SUNERGY Industrial Webinars

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Materials and efficiency improvements towards competitive green technologies

Energy carriers and approaches towards a closed carbon-cycle

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SUNERGY Other Events

Other Events

European Sustainable Week

26-30 September 2022

Brussels & online

DG Energy

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European Research and Innovation Days

28-29 September 2022


DG Research & Innovation


2022 E-MRS Fall Meeting and Exhibit

19-22 September 2022
Warsaw University of Technology