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SUNERGY is preparing a proposal for the Horizon Europe CSA (Coordination and Support Action) 'Creation of an innovation community for solar fuels and chemicals'. Through this CSA, SUNERGY will be able to create an innovation ecosystem to accelerate the development of technologies for solar fuels and chemicals. If funded, this CSA will allow you to more easily connect to and collaborate with colleagues from around Europe, join interesting events, and contribute to a joint roadmap and supporting strategies. 


If you want to support this CSA and SUNERGY, please send us a support letter on behalf of your organization. Thank you!

Letter to supporters

Dear SUNERGY supporter,


With the conclusion of the ENERGY-X and SUNRISE FET flagship Coordination and Support Actions, the joint SUNERGY-initiative embarked on a new phase as of March 1 2020. We wish to ensure a sustainable model for our initiative. SUNERGY will create a pan-European platform for sustainable fuels and chemicals, aiming for a large-scale instrument in the coming years.


Our vision is to close the loop from a linear to a circular economy by developing high-impact, cross-cutting technology, thereby contributing to, a fossil-independent Europe. As a possible large-scale instrument in Horizon Europe will not start before 2023/2024, we need a transition/ramp-up phase to keep momentum. Until SUNERGY has secured funding through up-coming calls during this ramp-up phase, the initiative will need to sustain itself through alternative means, independent from external funding. A number of activities initiated during the CSAs will need to continue, in order to position SUNERGY optimally for the future. Hereby, we ask supporters for a Membership Fee to allow for these necessary activities to be carried out, during the interim phase.

Using the Membership Fee, we will:

 - Continue advocacy and collaboration with the European Commission & other key decision makers, at EU and national level;

 - Maintain and further develop the SUNERGY community;

 - Seek and advocate for funding opportunities, both for the longer-term (large scale instrument) and in the transition phase ;

 - Collate the community´s research and innovation priorities & consolidate the SUNERGY roadmap;

 - Refine the strategy and clearly define the positioning of SUNERGY in the European R&I landscape - both essential in ensuring that SUNERGY can participate in the next wave of partnerships in Horizon Europe;

 - Support communication and dissemination activities to ensure visibility and awareness raising;

 - Ensure the daily management and coordination of the SUNERGY initiative.

The support of all interested parties is necessary to achieve SUNERGY vision and objectives moving forward.

The Membership Fee is fully voluntary and per institution. This request will be repeated annually until external funding becomes available to cover coordination and support. If you wish to pay the Membership Fee, please confirm it by indicating an amount in the Letter of Support.

We sincerely hope that with your support, the SUNERGY initiative can move forward, and thus sustain its ambition to realize a large-scale research and innovation initiative in the coming years.


With kind regards and on behalf of the SUNERGY Executive Board,

Prof. Bert Weckhuysen, Utrecht University 

SUNERGY coordinator

Dr. Frédéric Chandezon, CEA
SUNERGY deputy coordinator

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